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Thread: Coinbase Bans Conservative Social Media Network Gab, Again

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    Coinbase Bans Conservative Social Media Network Gab, Again

    For the second time in less than a year, popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has banned conservative-leaning social media network Gab and founder and CEO Andrew Torba from transacting on its platform, joining a long list of companies - including Medium, Joyent, GoDaddy, PayPal and Stripe - that have cut ties with the social network, according to CoinSpice.

    Gab announced the ban in a series of tweets, and used the decision as a reason to advocate for decentralized exchanges.
    As predicted: the on ramps and off ramps (exchanges) are going to start censoring not only companies, but also individuals. @coinbase has now banned both Gab's merchant account and Andrew Torba's personal account.

    Decentralized exchanges are the future.
    ó (@getongab) January 4, 2019
    The next phase of financial censorship as people move to bitcoin is censoring the on ramps and off ramps (exchanges.)

    This will force and incentivize people to not use those ramps and instead only use bitcoin for all things.

    Keep censoring. It will only push people to bitcoin.
    ó (@getongab) January 4, 2019
    The ban is reportedly a delayed reaction to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, which happened more than two months ago, and was also the pretext for the widespread banning of Gab, with organizations like PayPal accusing Gab of offering safe harbor to White Nationalists and Nazis. Gab has generated quite a bit of controversy despite having fewer than 1 million users.
    Gab's account was arbitrarily banned by Coinbase back in June, though access was swiftly reinstated.

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    Those who learn from the past are condemned to watch everybody else repeat it

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    Is it OK for utility companies to deny you the use of electricity if they discover you are using it to light up neon hitler signs?

    Is it OK to be denied the use of grocery stores if you have a shirt on which features the discoverer of DNA's face on it and some statement that expresses anything less than total hatred of him?

    How bout if it's discovered that you ever once wore such a shirt, in your youth?

    Is it OK to be denied the possibility of any future life or career because you made a Roman salute in your group prom picture?

    Is it OK to be denied the use of, umm, let's see... oh yeah: MONEY ITSELF because you have some offensive opinion oh, no, not even that you have ever voiced any offensive opinion (Gorba hasn't) but merely that you do not actively and aggressively censor and shut down people enough for the everyone-elses-running-society who are busy shutting everyone down? And now that includes you.

    Is it OK, in fact, to be white?

    Or is it not?

    That is the question.

    This junk that is going on on the internet is unacceptable.

    I will answer: it is NOT OK.

    "I Don't Care if you Like it:
    It's Elementary, Boy!" -- Watson

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