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Thread: Ronney vs. Rand

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    Ronney vs. Rand

    Mitt Romney is on the exact same committee's as Rand Paul

    This should be interesting...

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    Thumbs down Neo-Maverick Mittens

    The committee assignments will need be ratified by the full Senate next week.
    The Deep State GOP majority will confirm Neo-Maverick Mittens.
    DACA S**thole Dreamers - Make America Great Again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonZeplin View Post
    The Deep State GOP majority will confirm Neo-Maverick Mittens.

    Yes... just what the foreign relations committee needs.. another neocon. Its literary Rand vs. the world

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikcers View Post
    Every 7 years Mitt Rmoney retuirns

    Gulag Chief:
    "Article 58-1a, twenty five years... What did you get it for?"
    Gulag Prisoner: "For nothing at all."
    Gulag Chief: "You're lying... The sentence for nothing at all is 10 years"

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    Should i resurrect my old "flipflop flipflop flipflop" posting about the way the Mittster may vote at any upcoming Senate Trial for our sitting POTUS?

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