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Thread: MAGA reportedly lowers Wall funding demand to half ; Dangerous conspiracy theories on Right

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    MAGA reportedly lowers Wall funding demand to half ; Dangerous conspiracy theories on Right

    On the surface it may appear MAGA is backing down by lowering his demand from funding for 1/5th to 1/10th of the wall but this could be a clever art of the deal negotiations move to confuse Dems:

    Trump reportedly willing to accept $2.5 billion for border wall

    December 28, 2018
    CNBC’s chief Washington correspondent John Harwood weighs in on reports that President Trump is lowering his $5 billion demand for border wall funding: "We are moving toward a situation where he ends up backing down."

    Today's Drudge headlines are not constructive:

    John Kelly Slaps Trump on Way Out...
    Says Administration NOT Building 'Wall'...

    Dangerous conspiracy theories claiming MAGA was a fraud

    Equally concerning are dangerous conspiracy theories gaining credence among segments of hard Right claiming MAGA's America First campaign was a fraud/ fake front group for Israel First zionist lobbies etc. Some mainstream conservatives are also starting to riase questions why MAGA prioritized globalist agenda/Iran sanctions/Israel Embassy moves abroad over securing funding for the Wall when GOP controlled all branches of government and waited till Dems took control of the House. In recent days "In Trump We trust" author Ann Coulter calling MAGA presidency a "joke", "scam" and Gun Owners of America leader calling it a "fraud" doesn't help matters at a time when confidence in MAGA's abilities is sinking from Main Street to Wall Street.


    Coulter crosses the line, says "Trump Will Not Finish Current Term", "joke presidency who scammed the American people"

    Trump Slump: Trump Pushes for Only One Fifth of Border Wall Funding

    Ann Coulter attacks Adelson on immigration and banning online gambling

    Miriam Adelson gave the GOP millions. Trump is giving her the Medal of Freedom.

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    Trump is making it clear that the Demoncrats and Swampublicans won't agree to a single dime while they spend unlimited money on anything else, eventually he will use money that has already been budgeted vaguely for other things like the military.
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