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Thread: Did this idea die a quiet death?

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    Question Did this idea die a quiet death?

    I'll all for it. Definitely willing to freeze me @$$ off waving signs and such two days before Xmas.
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    No, still alive

    Thanks for rejuvenating it. I won't be in DC but our ill-fated blimp flyover protest will probably now be moved to the 23rd, and I'm trying to get the group in Cincinnati (where I will be) to pick up on it there too.

    Who's with us?! <rallying cry>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bradley in DC View Post
    Who's with us?! <rallying cry>
    I'll see what I can do to organize something here in Dallas...about to communicate with one of the Meetup organizers as we speak.

    Anyone else? Anyone? Bueller?
    Precinct Captain - TX4508
    Proud Ron Paul Republican

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    I'm with you baby, just as soon as we get back from boston

    btw, my sis lives in cinci, brrrrrrr

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    the poor fed workers wont even understand...
    let it be remembered that never again in the future of political campaigns will a candidate receive the same support, enthusiasm and donations UNLESS the message is about liberty, freedom, peace, and the constituion. accept no imitations

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    I think it's still alive, but in a very small local-meetup sort of a way.

    There's definitely not been any sort of massive coordination on this forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dvictr View Post
    the poor fed workers wont even understand...
    What about a specific hand-out for them? If someone is willing to help with the text I will do the graphics and post them in PDF format so everyone can download and print their own.

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