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Thread: How Gun Control Hurts Blacks (video - Adam Ruins Everything)

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    How Gun Control Hurts Blacks (video - Adam Ruins Everything)

    Lol at the smarmy liberal character.

    "Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping graven images" - Ironman77

    "ideas have the potential of being more powerful than any army....The concept of personal sovereignty was pulled screaming from the ether into this reality by the force of men believing in a self evident truth, that men are meant to be free." - The Northbreather

    "Trump is the security blanket of aggrieved white men aged 18-60." - Pinoy

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Rebel Poet View Post

    Lol at the smarmy liberal character.

    Lots of BS there.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zippyjuan View Post
    Ron Paul know some weird people...

    Quiz: Test Your "Income" Tax IQ!

    Short Income Tax Video

    The Income Tax Is An Excise, And Excise Taxes Are Privilege Taxes

    The Federalist Papers, No. 15:

    Except as to the rule of appointment, the United States have an indefinite discretion to make requisitions for men and money; but they have no authority to raise either by regulations extending to the individual citizens of America.

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    "He's talkin' to his gut like it's a person!!" -me
    "dumpster diving isn't professional." - angelatc

    "Each of us must choose which course of action we should take: education, conventional political action, or even peaceful civil disobedience to bring about necessary changes. But let it not be said that we did nothing." - Ron Paul

    "Paul said "the wave of the future" is a coalition of anti-authoritarian progressive Democrats and libertarian Republicans in Congress opposed to domestic surveillance, opposed to starting new wars and in favor of ending the so-called War on Drugs."

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