by Marcelo Guadiana Posted on November 30, 2018

Itís easy for many Americans to perceive the effects of war as short-lived, this is in part due to mainstream mediaís lack of coverage; the aftermath and hypocrisy of war are rarely presented. While the news might show the public a glimpse of the initial bombings raining down on the "US enemy," this is stealthily unveiled through the eyes of the military industrial complex, romanticizing the attacks while fascinating over the American firepower strength.

"I am guided by the beauty of our weapon," Brian Williams said cheerfully on MSNBC as he watched the Pentagon-provided footage of the US missile strike in Syria, quoting Leonard Cohenís song "First We Take Manhattan."

A heroic narrative was quickly molded on the public and all logic was thrown out the window; the United States was portrayed as the good guys stopping the evil dictator Assad from bombing his own people, hence no one stopped to ask the most glaring question of them all, "So the United States bombed Syria because Syria bombed Syria, to teach Syria not to bomb Syria?"

To make matters worse, the US strikes were on Assadís alleged chemical weapons sites, as if launching more than 100 missiles at chemical weapons storage facilities wouldnít risk creating a greater hazard and possibly contaminate the surrounding areas. Nonetheless, it was later revealed that the labs bombed were actually an anti-venom medical facility, with zero relation to toxic weapons. Syrianís who worked at the facility were in shock to learn they had been hit, "If there were chemical weapons, we would not be able to stand here. Iíve been here since 5:30 am in full health Ė Iím not coughing," said one of the workers; according to them, they were only producing antidotes to scorpion and snake venom while running tests on chemical products used in making food, medicine and childrenís toys. Somehow mainstream media failed to report on this, or the fact that inspectors from the OPCW had inspected the building numerous times and concluded that it did not produce any chemical weapons. Moreover, why would anyone have a chemical weapons facility in the middle of their capital? One would think you would try hiding it a bit better.

The truth is US foreign policy exhibits certain patterns that are not so easy to detect because of mainstream mediaís distortion of reality.