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Thread: Socialism Spreads Like Cancer

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    Socialism Spreads Like Cancer

    Freedom and conservative values have no place in America. The goal is global dominance.

    I often read and hear how socialism spreads like cancer. So successful are they at destroying our country from the inside, they needed an avenue to destroy freedom, liberty and conservate values from the out. They found that avenue in the Republican Party. The few remaining true Republicans spotted them out, thus lending the term “Neoconservative”.

    The Socialists knew that it would take time. They were patient, however, little by little learning how to speak republican jargon. And rather than report the news to inform the public, they used the media outlets to strongly suggest how one should think.

    So successful are the Socialist in the Republican Party, the mere mention of Rand Paul, Tom Massie, Justin Amash and a small handful of others, sends those in the republican party into hysterics, even though the mentioned have among the highest Constitutional voting records of anybody in the House and Senate.

    Socialism destroys. We know this by the internal Welfare system that so many Americans now rely on. Depressed areas, low values, Section 8 and multiple babies to increase their checks, lack of respect and tolerance for others, the list goes on.

    The internal job is now almost complete. But how do they finish the task?

    NEOCONS (Socialists who have joined the Republican Party) will accomplish that; endless and unprovoked wars of aggression for corporate [Welfare] profit, invading other sovereign countries, meddling in their elections and installing dictators of choice, Patriot Act, NSA spying on the American people, Walls that cost billions upon billions that our country NEVER stood for, TSA, Biometrics, refusal to end Common Core and the FedDeptEd. ALL of this is Welfare from the other side. And as Americans are pitted against one another, the middle class, freedom and liberty continues to plummet.

    And as repulsively blatant as it is, there are still people who can’t see the picture and continue to flock to their favorite team, as if it were an innocent game of football over a glass of beer. But, it is no longer AFL vs NFL, as the AFL no longer exists.

    Even among Christians, if the government tells them that it is ok to murder abroad, choose “sides” around the globe, or that NSA is for your safety, or that Boeing and Lockheed need to make more bombs otherwise the Dow drops, they buy it hook, line and sinker and condone those costly and murderous actions, supporting the [corporate] Welfare system. Hypocrites, I call them, whether God is part of the conversation or not.

    If one is religious, believes in God, God gave man free will. We are fully aware of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Neglect to honor, respect and defend any of these is sacrilegious, not only to God, but to yourself, your family and your fellow human beings.


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    Quote Originally Posted by PAF View Post
    And as repulsively blatant as it is, there are still people who can’t see the picture and continue to flock to their favorite team, as if it were an innocent game of football over a glass of beer.
    There is no lesser evil. It's all the same evil. The AFL is dead. Cheer for your team all you want, but it's still the NFL versus the NFL, and the NFL is guaranteed to win as long as you keep buying tickets and merchandise.

    Throw in with the "lesser evil" and we are guaranteed to lose.
    Quote Originally Posted by angelatc View Post
    There's not a liberty lover on the planet who isn't called a liberal by the right, and a con by the left.

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