Find my "extinction-event" algo and my "metaNODE" connection to the DEX here: is a client side mesh network tool I developed for interacting with Bitshares Public DEX Nodes in a trustless manner. is a simple moving average trading tool which splits the market into Bull/Bear state and then trades on different thresholds depending on state. EV is capable of producing moving averages from 5m scale to daily candle scale; all at 5m resolution.

metaNODE and EV combined are about 5000 lines of python; all freeware


'litepresence 2018'

def WTFPL_v0_March_1765():
    if any([stamps, licenses, taxation, regulation, fiat, etat]):
            print('no thank you')
            return [tar, feathers]
I've been live 9 months trading a alpha signal and maintaining scalp orders. All orders are updated every 5 minutes. I've had very little downtime and no rogue data from the DEX.