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Thread: Rand just arguing on CSPAN2 11/15/18

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    Rand just arguing on CSPAN2 11/15/18

    "S.J. Res. 65, my resolution of disapproval to block the sale of offensive weapons and support to Bahrain, a member of the Saudi-led coalition waging a devastating war in Yemen."

    "The Senate will debate a resolution by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) disapproving a proposed arms sale to Bahrain. The Senate will also work on the nomination of Michelle Bowman for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors."

    Vote on blocking resolution taking place now. Not looking good.
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    Am I understanding what Im seeing correctly? This is gonna pass? Currently at 77Yes/21No

    It doesn't say this is a motion to table it or anything.

    edit: now that it has passed, they reveal that it was a motion to table (kill) his resolution.

    That's about what I figured. Glad I didn't get too hopeful.
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