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Thread: Denounce this babystep (Prison Reform starting)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occam's Banana View Post
    /me: gnaws on own tongue to forestall a rant about Peter Jackson's portrayal of Denethor. And don't even get me started on how he ass-raped Faramir. I'm just glad Tolkien wasn't alive to witness Jackson's heinous crimes ...
    The only Tolkien book I read was The Hobbit, and to be honest, it was a mite of a chore. I guess I'm just not into that sort of thing, which may be the case due to the less-than-positive associations I hold with it due to Tim Ward, a friend from high school who proved an extremely unreliable business partner. He was and perhaps remains a LOTR loon, which I don't care one way or another. But when I showed up at his place on a Friday, ostensibly to do some important work for the business, only to find 30+ people there, none of whom were associated with said business, drinking, burning spliffs, and huffing long blow lines, something inside me twigged in a big way and the business ended about 60 minutes later. The only other time I saw Tim after that was at dad's funeral. I really liked Mr. Ward. Tim, not so much anymore as I have an upper limit on how much irresponsibility I will tolerate in anyone, and he rocketed right past the line that night.
    Through lives and lives shalt thou pay, O' king.

    "It’s just interesting to note how constant government oppression can kill people’s fighting spirit." - Withur We

    Pray for reset.

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    Religious right to start pressure campaign around criminal justice reform
    The Faith and Freedom Coalition will ask members to flood Mitch McConnell and other Republicans with calls backing the Senate legislation.


    Religious leaders buoyed by a successful alliance with the Trump administration are readying a pressure campaign with a new target: Senate conservatives who are blocking criminal justice reform.

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, backed by Republicans with evangelical ties such as Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, is blocking a Trump-approved plan to revamp the criminal justice system, the latest priority of religious groups after they focused much of their earlier efforts on stocking the courts with conservative judges.

    McConnell so far has resisted efforts to bring to the floor the bipartisan bill that would reduce maximum penalties for repeat offenders and give judges more discretion in handing down prison sentences, knowing it has already created deep divisions within the GOP caucus.

    But religious leaders — who have the weight of President Donald Trump behind them — are preparing to pressure McConnell and other senators, such as Cruz and David Perdue (R-Ga.), to change their minds.

    Starting next week, the Faith and Freedom Coalition will ask its 2 million members to flood Congress with letters and phone calls, said coalition Chairman Ralph Reed. Religious groups hope they can put enough pressure on Republicans with large evangelical constituencies to get a rare piece of major bipartisan legislation passed in a bitterly divided Congress.

    “They’ll be hearing from their constituents,” said Reed, who said he counts all three lawmakers as friends.


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    The article goes on to say the evangelicals plan to keep pushing for more reforms and also plan on contacting liberals sympathetic to prison reform.

    I will call and/or write my senators (Purdue) and reps.

    Should it be more? Yes but a First Step is a good thing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Paul View Post
    The intellectual battle for liberty can appear to be a lonely one at times. However, the numbers are not as important as the principles that we hold. Leonard Read always taught that "it's not a numbers game, but an ideological game." That's why it's important to continue to provide a principled philosophy as to what the role of government ought to be, despite the numbers that stare us in the face.
    Quote Originally Posted by Origanalist View Post
    This intellectually stimulating conversation is the reason I keep coming here.

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    I'm really excited the government finally banned shackling pregnant womens legs shut.

    Great first step in prison reform.

    Was there anything else exciting in the bill?

    'We endorse the idea of voluntarism; self-responsibility: Family, friends, and churches to solve problems, rather than saying that some monolithic government is going to make you take care of yourself and be a better person. It's a preposterous notion: It never worked, it never will. The government can't make you a better person; it can't make you follow good habits.' - Ron Paul 1988

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    ...for protecting them, by mock trial, from punishment...

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    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's reluctance to hold a vote on a popular criminal justice bill has angered top Republican senators and created an unusual rift with a longtime GOP ally, Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa. And on Friday, it also brought on a tweet from President Donald Trump."Hopefully Mitch McConnell will ask for a VOTE on Criminal Justice Reform," Trump tweeted. "It is extremely popular and has strong bipartisan support. It will also help a lot of people, save taxpayer dollars, and keep our communities safe. Go for it Mitch!"
    Minutes later Grassley tweeted that he and the president had spoken about "the growing support" for the legislation.
    "Pres Trump told me he wants it done THIS CONGRESS," Grassley tweeted.
    Grassley has spent years working to build a coalition around the bill and is pushing for a year-end vote. Grassley says more than two-thirds of the Senate supports it. But McConnell is refusing to bring the legislation forward in a standoff that's dividing the Republican majority and putting President Donald Trump on the spot.
    "We've done what needs to be done," Grassley said about the overwhelming support for the bill. "So what's holding it up?"
    For the 85-year-old chairman of the Judiciary Committee, this is not the way the Senate is supposed to operate. Grassley was expecting some deference from McConnell after delivering on Trump's judicial nominees — including two now on the Supreme Court. Despite Trump's support for the measure, McConnell says it's divisive. His reluctance to take up Grassley's priority shows the limits of the Senate's old-fashioned customs in an era of heightened partisan politics.
    "What's so irritating about this is, first of all, he and I have been hand-in-glove working to get the judiciary vacancies filled," Grassley told Iowa reporters.
    "I think I ought to have some consideration for delivering on tough Supreme Court nominees, and a lot of tough circuit court nominees and maybe even once in a while you get a tough district court nominee," Grassley went on.

    Trump has called senators about the bill and spoke briefly about it Friday at an event on safe neighborhoods in Kansas City.

    The bill is a project of Trump's son-in-law, White House adviser Jared Kushner, and would be the biggest sentencing overhaul in decades. It would reduce mandatory prison terms for certain drug crimes and give judges in some cases more discretion on punishments. It would allow about 2,600 federal prisoners sentenced for crack cocaine offenses before August 2010 the opportunity to petition for a reduced penalty. It also includes provisions to encourage education and workforce training in prisons.

    Roughly 90 percent of prison inmates are held in state facilities and would not be affected by the legislation.

    Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said Thursday that bill backers are making a last-push to attach it to the spending measure and picking up new supporters. But he acknowledged the package's chances are slipping with each passing day. "We're still lobbying Sen. McConnell — he has all the power to allow it or not allow it," said Paul.
    McConnell and Grassley have worked side by side for decades. When then-President Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court in early 2016, Grassley stood by McConnell's decision to keep the seat open during the election year for the new president to decide. He's ushered in 84 Trump judicial nominees, including a record number of circuit court judges.
    But their split over criminal justice reform is testing not just their partnership but also the longstanding norms of the Senate.

    "What's holding it up is our leader, the majority leader," Grassley said. "There's no reason it shouldn't come up."

    More at:
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