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Thread: Latest Lib Tantrum: Senate is “Undemocratic” and, Maybe, Should Be Abolished

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    Latest Lib Tantrum: Senate is “Undemocratic” and, Maybe, Should Be Abolished

    Having lost the presidency while winning the popular vote twice since 2000, the Democrats were already having a hissy fit over the Electoral College. Now that they’ve seized control of Congress’ lower chamber but have nonetheless lost ground in its upper one, some leftists are intensifying another complaint: The Senate is undemocratic and should be ended as we know it.

    A case in point is Salon’s Alt-Left writer Amanda Marcotte, who just penned a rant entitled “Here’s your midterm analysis: America is being held hostage by angry old white guys.” Of course, she’s not fond of mature whites in general, whom she essentially accuses of being “racist” (a term peppered throughout her piece), knuckle-dragging enablers of “the man.”

    Explaining why a “huge, diverse nation is being controlled” by the pale few, Marcotte writes that part “of it is the result of our increasingly outdated electoral system, which give [sic] a disproportionate share of power to votes in suburban and rural areas. That’s how Democrats wound up losing several seats in the Senate this year, despite winning the popular vote by 15 percentage points.”
    It was on Twitter, however, where Marcotte really let loose. To wit:

    More informed tweeters were quick to respond:

    Comically, Marcotte is billed as a “politics writer” for Salon. But math isn’t her forte, either. Democrat candidates did win 57 percent of Senate votes cast, yet they won 68 percent (23) of the 34 seats decided. (Note: I’m putting the Mississippi special-election race in the GOP’s column even though it requires a Nov. 27 run-off.)

    More at:
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    Who the $#@! died and made her the alleged majority leader?

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    The radical left will not be happy until all decisions are made by an inner party politburo.

    Until then, they might settle on a plurality election determined by voting in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
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    And I'm supposed to "reach out" and listen to $#@!s like this?

    $#@! that and $#@! them, get the $#@! out of my country, go get your stupid self loathing cracker ass some "diversity" in the Congo or Yemen or Pakistan.

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