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Thread: Argentina: Government to Complicate Private Sector Firings

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    Argentina: Government to Complicate Private Sector Firings

    The Argentine government under President Mauricio Macri will publish a decree that effectively prohibits private sector firings, Ambito Financiero reported Nov. 8.

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    Argentina Signs $8.7 Billion Swap Agreement With Beijing To Shore Up Sagging Peso

    Embattled Argentinian President Mauricio Macri has been scrambling to shore up his country's struggling currency
    since the IMF's executive board finally approved a record - and expanded - $57 billion bailout loan with the explicit condition
    that the country's central bank refrain from using that money to support the Argentine peso.

    ...the savior that has emerged to shore up the peso, which has stabilized in recent weeks, though it remains near all-time lows,
    is not what US leaders would have hoped - particularly with this year's G-20 conference, set to take place in Buenos Aires, only days away.

    As the South China Morning Post reported on Thursday, China and Argentina are nearing a swap deal with China
    that would add another 60 billion yuan ($8.7 billion) to the Argentine central bank's reserves,
    an influx of capital explicitly intended to boost confidence in the peso and help alleviate the country's economic crisis before it enters Venezuela territory.

    The economic lifeline is particularly unnerving given decisions by Honduras and El Salvador to switch their diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing,
    an unequivocal sign that their political and economic fealty now lies with the PRC.


    (seems an interesting approach. rather than prop up the yaun (by flushing another trillion into a FOREX buy-back)
    they are using currency swaps to build confidence into nations targeted by financial terror campaigns/dollar bullying.
    It's ALL fiat of course so all 'sides' can print 'at will' but...
    a 'collapse' comes from market 'confidence'.... not ledgers.
    The US would have been toast LONG ago if it were not so.

    This move is trying to start a FIRE (against the dollar hegemony dollar tyranny)
    There are other 'targets' around the world who have their own fiat (unlike Italy).
    The more China can circulate the yuan and swap with other nations
    the more of an IMPACT there will be if/when the yuan is tied to an asset based construct.
    I don't pretend to know what they have planned ultimately...
    but I don't think they're as 'stupid' as some believe.
    There is a global 'anger' that they are planning to take advantage of using 'relations' and 'trade'....
    and now 'currency'.
    IMF and US/UK want to smash it like a bug. hahaha.

    (oh mer gersh... just noticed it's my #10,000 post... yea me ta---daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! hahaha)
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