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Thread: Another salvo in the war on meat

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    Exclamation Another salvo in the war on meat

    Enjoy your soylent green, proles.

    UK Urged to Impose Tobacco-Style Sin Taxes to Slash Meat Consumption

    8 Nov 2018

    Sky-high sin taxes on meat have been branded “inevitable” in Britain after a study asserted that the move could “save hundreds of thousands of lives” as well as helping stop climate change.

    Researchers at Oxford University urged ministers to consider the move, claiming that hiking the cost of red meat by 14 per cent and processed meat by 79 per cent could prevent 5,920 deaths in Britain a year and save the NHS an annual sum of £750 million on healthcare costs.

    Lead researcher Dr Marco Springmann, from the Nuffield Department of Population Health at Oxford University, said: “The consumption of red and processed meat exceeds recommended levels in most high and middle-income countries.

    “This is having significant impacts not only on personal health, but also on healthcare systems, which are taxpayer-funded in many countries, and on the economy, which is losing its labour force due to ill health and care for family members who fall ill.

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    80 percent bacon & sausage tax , will not bother the new immigrants who are coming to enrich them .
    Do something Danke

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    What if the land was used for less agriculture and lots more cage free animals. At the same time, grow lots of trees and less corn or wheat.

    Would that offset the emissions from animals and also improve the soil?

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