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Thread: Under Pressure From Trump, Germany Boosts Military Spending

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    Quote Originally Posted by juleswin View Post
    LOL, yea a country with foreign troops on its land is the most autonomous country in Europe. The big lie is that this is some ploy to encourage Europe to be more independent when it is obvious to anyone with any understanding of TPTB that this is a scheme to encourage countries in peace time to stimulate the military industrial complex with them buying equipment they do not need.

    Germany is no Hong Kong who spend little to no money on defense, they have actively participated in wars in Serbia, Iraq I and II, Afghanistan, Libya etc. They are very capable of defending herself with the military they have now and it addition project their military power outside their borders. If Trump really wanted to encourage German independence, he would start by withdrawing the troops we have in that country now.

    I promise you if he ever did that, the German people will not beg him to stop. They would instead cheer him on. Another lie is that we ever needed to protect Europe from anyone. The best move Germany can do is to call Trump's bluff and ask him to stop supporting them if he is going to whine all day about it. Ask him to stop the funding now and withdrawn the troops and equipment tomorrow. This is when you people will the true aim of Trump's whinning.
    the german people I am sure do not like it, they understand history of september 11th better than the rest of the world ....and have come out of fascism, they understand what America has become.
    It was too weird to live, and too rare to die - hunter s. thompson .
    ..this is the darkest timeline..

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    Quote Originally Posted by juleswin View Post
    I think it worked out well for us, Europe was destroyed, the US became the sole super power, it brought us the Bretton woods monetary system. I think it worked quite well for the US.

    Why anyone would oppose a country arming themselves is beyond me, its Germany's fault that France and Britain decided to declare war on her and when they got their arses kicked called in the US for help. I think the world would have been very peaceful had US stay out of WWI and Europe were left alone to sort their problems.

    There would have been no WWII or Hitler.
    There is no spoon.

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