Today the social climate in America is an “anything goes” society. What once were scientific and/or logical facts are now experiencing their definitions being demolished. Why? The guise and hoax of this is inclusivity of any and all people. The agenda at the helm is to eradicate the meanings or generally accepted definitions of anything that is specific in spirit because they don’t include certain people. It is utter ridiculousness to assume any group’s definition is such simply to keep certain people out. Many religious,gender, ethnic,etc groups are celebrated because they have similarities. I am a white female and I think it would be egregious of me to say I identify as a black female. Black females should not have to accept me identifying as such. I should not garner any extra privileges or rights because I said that is how I identify. I shouldn’t get to tell people to treat me as “President” because I choose to identify as one. I am who I am. I am, however, more than just my appearance and will/should garner respect and fulfillment through my good deeds and respectfulness of others. I like to learn from other people who are “different” from me. Good character is to learn about and celebrate each other. By taking away meanings of words we create chaos. That will not promote inclusivity.