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Thread: Americans Now MORE Skeptical Of Women Claiming Sexual Harassment After Year Of #MeToo

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    Americans Now MORE Skeptical Of Women Claiming Sexual Harassment After Year Of #MeToo

    The #MeToo movement was supposed to increase awareness of the supposed danger and oppression American women face constantly. Instead, the movement, which demands men be ruined on mere allegations alone and suggests no allegation is false or exaggerated, seems to have made Americans more skeptical of accusations.
    A survey from YouGov and the Economist shows after a year of the hashtag, Americans are shifting toward those accused without due process.
    “When it came to questions about the consequences of sexual assault and misconduct, there was a small but clear shift against victims,” the Economist wrote.
    As always, “victims” stands in for “accusers.”
    The numbers are still clearly in accusers’ favor, but have shifted over the past year.
    In November 2017, 28% of American adults said “men who sexually harassed women 20 years ago should not lose their jobs today.” As of September 2018, 36% now say the same. Men, women, and Trump voters have all seen increases in their responses, while fewer Clinton voters feel the same.
    On the question of whether “false accusations of sexual assault are a bigger problem than unreported assaults,” a larger percentage of each of the above four categories now agree. Women and Trump supporters in particular now see false accusations as more of a problem. In November 2017, 10% of women and 20% of Trump supporters said false accusations were a bigger problem. Now, 15% of women and 35% of Trump supporters say the same.
    When asked if “women who complain about sexual harassment cause more problems than they solve,” men actually showed no change, with about 31% agreeing now and in November 2017. More women, Trump supporters, and even Clinton supporters, agree with the statement.

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    That is an article about an article about an article in The Economist that I posted a thread on recently

    After a year of #MeToo, American opinion has shifted against victims

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    Hopefully public won't stop taking bullying charges seriously also because of this new development post Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual assaults inspired movement.

    Melania Trump Says She's the "Most Bullied Person in the World"

    In a new clip from her sit-down interview with ABC News, which aired Thursday morning on Good Morning America, Melania Trump asserted that she's the "most bullied person in the world."


    Poll: More Americans believe Stormy Daniels than Trump

    By Jacqueline Thomsen - 08/10/18

    Americans say they believe adult-film star Stormy Daniels more than they believe President Trump, according to a new poll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enhanced_deficit View Post
    Hopefully public won't stop taking bullying charges seriously
    HB can only hope.
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