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'Allow yourself to fail in public': Read what Square CEO Jack Dorsey told his CFO

  • Square CFO Sarah Friar announced she was moving into a CEO role this week, which sent the company's stock down sharply.
  • CEO Jack Dorsey, who runs both Square and Twitter, offered Friar some leadership advice.

Javier E. David

Published 5 Hours Ago

1. "Allow yourself to fail in public."

Dorsey's first recommendation to Friar was a counterintuitive one. "Risk, creativity and defining your own path is made possible only through a series of failures, some big, some small. Hide none of them," Dorsey said. "Take pride in your ability to recognize them faster and better than anyone else, and your drive to learn from them to improve yourself."

2. "Don't take things personally."

The CEO added that Friar should remember that "life is short...[and] it will be hard to keep this in mind, but leading with this understanding puts what matters most into view. It's not about you. It's about what you contribute."

3. "The work matters most."

Dorsey said that employees are integral to productive work, but "we must remember why they're with us: To contribute to something bigger than themselves. It's critical we articulate a clear purpose and story that we can share and serve." He added that "coaching