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Thread: Germany: 10K's Anti-Far Right Protest

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    Germany: 10K's Anti-Far Right Protest

    Easier to label yourself "anti" to your opposition than to promote what your position really is. But anyway.

    The Alternative for Germany entered parliament for the first time last year, becoming the biggest opposition party, and is expected to make a strong showing in elections in the southern state of Bavaria on Sunday.

    The mass protest - officially aimed at promoting an open society - was organised by hundreds of groups with different agendas and political affiliations.

    But most of the participants were united by their concern about the influence of the far right on German politics and society.

    Three years after Angela Merkel welcomed refugees to Germany, the politics of migration still divides opinion - and even now it has the power to bring citizens on to the streets.

    The march is partly as a response to the rise of the AfD, which has seen a particularly strong rise in support in eastern parts of Germany.

    In August, far-right groups held protests in Chemnitz and other cities after the fatal stabbing of a German man blamed on migrants.

    The arrival of more than a million migrants in the country in 2015 boosted support for the party, although immigration levels have since fallen sharply.

    2 + 2 = 5.

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    Leftist zombie NPCs, most of them are probably on welfare and the rest are limousine liberals.
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