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Thread: Antifa Strikes NYC GOP Headquarters

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    Antifa Strikes NYC GOP Headquarters

    They left a manifesto as well.

    I stopped reading at concentration camps.

    Tonight, we put the Republican Party on notice, in defiance to the policy of mass misery they have championed.

    The U.S. government has established concentration camps around the country for Latino people, shamelessly murdering black people, and continues its war machine that has slaughtered Muslim people with impunity for decades. The so-called “Land of the Free” leads the world in incarceration rates per capita, all the while profiteering in the new plantation within the prison walls.

    While these atrocities persist unabated the Metropolitan Republican Club chose to invite a hipster fascist clown to dance for them, content to revel in their treachery against humanity. The Republican Party joined by their spineless partners in crime, the Democrats institute a policy of domestic and foreign terror felt the world over.

    Our attack is merely a beginning. We are not passive, we are not civil, and we will not apologize. Those of good conscience and clear mind know this state of oppression cannot remain. The US fascist political system is one of the most savage institutions in history and we will combat it relentlessly until all are free of American barbarism.
    “Force the normies into taking sides. At the moment they are just like "meh, I am minding my own business" retreating culturally into their private bubbles and "safe-spaces" since they don't understand what is going on. When the actual "us vs them" starts, they will be forced to fight or they'll die.” - Anonymous Poster

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    As you'd expect...

    All headlines obfuscate the fact that it was leftists who were arrested.
    3 busted in brawl outside event for ‘Proud Boys’ leader
    By Amanda Woods and Olivia Bensimon
    October 13, 2018

    Three people protesting a speech by right-wing provocateur Gavin McInnes on the Upper East Side were busted Friday after brawls broke out on neighboring sidewalks, cops said.

    The violence started after about 80 protesters gathered outside the Metropolitan Republican Club at Third Avenue and East 83th Street, where McInnes was speaking, police said.

    McInnes, a co-founder of Vice Media, heads a right-wing group called the Proud Boys, which has been characterized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and is a since-departed co-founder of Vice Media. The club was vandalized before McInnes’ appearance.

    As the audience left at around 8:15 p.m., cops say, three protesters followed a man who broke into a run as he left the building.

    The man dropped his backpack, and when he tried to pick it up, a protester punched him and took his property, cops said.

    Finbarr Slonim, 20, and Caleb Perkins, 35, both of the Upper East Side, and Kai Russo, 20, from Bushwick, have been freed without bail on charges of felony burglary and misdemeanor assault.

    “We vigorously dispute the allegations,” said their lawyer, Moira Meltzer Cohen.

    There were no other arrests as of Saturday night, according to police.

    Some social media users claim the Proud Boys were the aggressors...

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    BREAKING: MASSIVE BLOODY STREET BRAWL IN PORTLAND! Antifa Leftists Attack Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer Protesters in Street (WILD VIDEOS)

    There was a MASSIVE STREET BRAWL in Portland, Oregon Saturday night.

    Police were called in to break up the fighting that spread from the sidewalk into the street. Right-wingers and Antifa leftists brawled outside of Kelly’s Olympian. This was way worse than New York City fights last night. Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer members and and Antifa had a huge wild fight.
    The Patriot Prayer Rally schuduled a prayer meeting for Saturday night. Antifa leftists showed up with weapons and started a brawl. This got really ugly, really fast.
    Hundreds of people were out on the street.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zippyjuan View Post
    Ron Paul know some weird people too.

    Quiz: Test Your "Income" Tax IQ!

    Short Income Tax Video

    The Income Tax Is An Excise, And Excise Taxes Are Privilege Taxes

    The Federalist Papers, No. 15:

    Except as to the rule of appointment, the United States have an indefinite discretion to make requisitions for men and money; but they have no authority to raise either by regulations extending to the individual citizens of America.

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    [sic] From article:

    The Republican Party joined by their spineless partners in crime, the Democrats institute a policy of domestic and foreign terror felt the world over.

    2 + 2 = 5.

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