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Thread: Thug World Updates

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    US Taxpayers On the Hook for Nearly $1 Billion in Saudi Arabia’s Recent Missile Defense Purchase

    On Monday, in an all-but-unreported news item, the Pentagon announced that it would be paying $946 million to Lockheed Martin toward the installation of a missile defense system that was purchased — not by the United States government — but by Saudi Arabia. In other words, the Pentagon is paying nearly $1 billion to subsidize a purchase made by a foreign power.

    In its announcement, the Pentagon referred to the payment as an “undefinitized contract action” that would be used, in part, to prepare Saudi Arabia’s current missile defense system for the installation of the $15 billion Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system manufactured by Lockheed.

    The Pentagon said the payment was intended to prevent major delays in the delivery and production of the THAAD system, suggesting it was likely a hedge against past Saudi interest in the THAAD’s main (and cheaper) competitor, the Russian-made S-400. However, the payment is also authorized for use by Lockheed to pay for materials, tools and engineering development.

    The Saudi THAAD purchase was a major component of the “$110 billion” weapons deal much touted by the Trump administration in 2017. However, many of the key purchases within that massive deal were never finalized, an embarrassment for what the administration had advertised as a major foreign policy success that would create jobs in the United States, even though many Lockheed products are actually manufactured abroad.

    A better deal for a better product down the block

    One likely explanation for the Pentagon’s willingness to pay such a significant amount to subsidize the Saudi THAAD system is the fact that the Saudi government had intended to purchase the cheaper and more effective Russian-made S-400 instead of the THAAD. Indeed, as MintPress News reported last year, the Saudis let the deadline for the THAAD deal pass on September 30 of last year without signing, and instead expressed interest in the S-400. The Saudis also refused US government requests to disavow its interest in the Russian-made system.


    However, in order to entice the Saudis to “buy American,” more than political pressure appears to have been needed and it is likely that US officials offered to “sweeten the deal.” Given this context, the Pentagon’s $946 million payout to prevent installation delays appears to be one of these concessions, as the US government continues to scrambleto keep its allies from buying the THAAD’s top competitor, the Russian S-400. Unfortunately for them, it’s the US taxpayers who are footing the bill.
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    anybody interested can research it: Capabilities of the S-400 and the THAAD systems are truly NOT comparable systems.
    there is 'some' overlap of course, for instance the THAAD system is effective ONLY against missile detections OUTSIDE a 50 mile radius... anything closer and THAAD can't touch it.
    There are other factors and flight characteristics that separate the two systems besides COST as well.
    Once again, globalists are socializing the 'cost' and privatizing the gains.
    Having to use thug tactics to subsidize sales of yet another un-competitive and under-performing weapon system....
    resorting to BRIBERY and INTIMIDATION and political muscle to effect the sale.
    I'm reminded of a slogan from 'Occupy Wallstreet' days: 'The Whole World is Watching!!' 'The Whole World is Watching!!'
    They are. We all are. It's embarrassing. Laughable.

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    Enrico Ivanov ☦️‏ @Russ_Warrior · 3 min.
    This is yesterday's "massive rally" for internet freedom in Moscow.
    In reality it's against Russia's sovereignty after the govt decided to create a independent internet that will be used only if it's necessary
    (examples: foreign aggression, embargo, expulsion from SWIFT).

    Russians take to streets to protest internet 'iron curtain'
    CNET|2 hours ago
    Thousands of Russians on Sunday protested the country's tightening grip on its internet. The main rally took place on Moscow's Prospekt Sakharova street, according to Reuters, where people chanted ...

    Russia internet freedom: Thousands protest against cyber-security bill
    BBC News|23 hours ago
    Thousands of people in Russia have protested against plans to introduce tighter restrictions on the internet. A mass rally in Moscow and similar demonstrations in two other cities were called ...

    Thousands Rally for Internet Freedom in Moscow: Monitoring Group
    Bloomberg|1 day ago
    About 15,300 people demonstrated for Internet freedom on Sunday in Moscow, according to White Counter, a group that monitors the number of attendees at rallies. At least 28 people were detained ...

    Thousands protest Russia's 'internet isolation'
    MSN News|16 hours ago
    Thousands of people rallied against Russia's increasingly restrictive internet policies Sunday which some say will eventually lead to "total censorship" and isolate the country from the world ...

    Empire News‏ / Corbett
    Debunking A Century of War Lies

    Russia-EU trade turnover up 20% in 2018

    this. despite sanctions economic terrorism. hahaha.
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    Now 'restored'... FB claiming 'error' mixup..
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    Italian PM Giuseppe Conte ignores US warnings and pushes for closer cooperation with China’s belt and road plan

    CIA Is Conspiring With ISIS In Northeastern Syria: Turkish Media

    EU Parliament Calls To Stop Nord Stream 2, Claims Russia Is No Longer 'Strategic Partner'

    US Attempts to Instigate Syria-style "Civil War" In Venezuela

    Houthi forces claim Saudi Coalition suffered 100+ casualties in failed border offensive

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    Megan K. Stack
    Wow: Spanish police and intelligence are linking the CIA to 10 gunmen who stormed the North Korean embassy in Madrid last month. They put bags over the heads of embassy staff, then beat and interrogated them for two hours.

    Moon of Alabama
    Incredible story but sounds believable. Former DPRK ambo in Spain was Kim Hyok Chol, head of the North Korean delegation in the nuclear negotiations with the US.

    CIA implicated in attack on North Korean embassy in Madrid



    Ali Özkök
    Trump Government Replaces “Occupied” Syrian Golan Heights With "Israeli-Controlled".



    U.S. Officially Started Producing Cruise Missiles Previously Banned Under INF Treaty

    Kingston Reif
    Here we go...
    -DoD working on two intermediate-range ground-launched missile systems
    -One is GLCM w/range of 1,000 km the other a ballistic missile w/range of 3,000-4,000 km
    -Tests to begin in August
    -Allies in Euro/Asia yet to be consulted on deployment


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    The member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) have agreed to upgrade their integrated air defense systems, Tass reported March 14.

    More at:
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    Secretary of State Pompeo Calls on the Energy Sector to Weaponize Itself

    I don't believe there ever has been a speech quite like the keynote speech delivered on Tuesday by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Houston, Texas at CERAWeek, the major annual energy conference put together by Cambridge Energy Research Associates.

    The conference is a big deal for the energy sector. Sponsoring partners include: Credit Suisse, BP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Morgan Stanley, The Carlyle Group, Chevron, Baker Hughes, TOTAL, Occidental Petroleum, MIT Energy Initiative, Petrobras, Schlumberger, Stanford Energy, Shell, The World Energy Council and Google Cloud.

    So what did Pompeo talk about to this high-level energy sector crowd?

    He used the opportunity to attack, Syria, Iran, Venezuela and Russia. He further pretty much called on the energy sector to enter the neocon battle to change the world.

    It isn't enough for the energy sector to be a decent trading partner. According to Pompeo, "We’re not just exporting American energy, we’re exporting our commercial value system to our friends and to our partners. The more we can spread the United States model of free enterprise, of the rule of law, of diversity and stability, of transparency and transactions, the more successful the United States will be and the more successful and secure the American people will be."

    This is neocon babble 101.

    And, of course, there are also enemies in this world that Pompeo wants to destroy for the benefit of the people who were in the room.

    Most troubling was Pompeo's directly naming and putting Russia in the camp with smaller "enemies." It is bizarre to taunt any of these countries but Russia is a serious nuclear player that the Trump administration seems to desperately be driving into the arms of China.

    These global Kissingeresque chess matches are bad enough but Trump and his neconettes are playing poorly at the game and it is very scary.
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    You only show up to attack Trump when he is wrong
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    War Against Venezuela Is War Against Us All

    The American war on Venezuela continues to escalate with the sabotage of it’s electricity grid, the most serious action of all so far, which was not only an act of terrorism against the entire civilian population but also an attempt to shut down exports of Venezuelan oil.

    This is part of the American hybrid war strategy. Hybrid warfare is warfare that uses all domains of life and society to hurt and damage the targeted nation. It was best defined by Qiao Liang and Wang Xiansui, two senior colonels of the Peoples Liberation Army in their famous book titled, Unrestricted Warfare, published in 1999 which proposed strategies and tactics that could be used by developing countries to compensate for their military inferiority vis a vis the United States during a high tech war.

    Published prior to the American cruise missile attack on the Chinese embassy in Belgrade during the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, the book drew a lot of attention in the west for its proposition that a multitude of means, military and non-military could be used to strike at the United States in a conflict; hacking into websites, targeting financial institutions, terrorism, using the media, urban warfare, sabotage, crippling infrastructure, subversion, all the methods of what the Americans term hybrid warfare.

    The Chinese colonels stated that the first rule of this type of warfare is that there are no rules, nothing is forbidden. But they made a fundamental error when they also stated that “strong countries would not use the same approach against weak countries because strong countries make the rule while rising one break them” and, though admitting that the US breaks the rules of international law and makes up its own law when it suits their interests stated that it “has to observe its own rules or the world won’t trust it.”

    Well, the colonels seem to have ignored the long history of the United States using exactly these types of methods against all its enemies weak or strong, of using unrestricted warfare, without limitations, in effect, total war on nations and peoples they target. They did not seem to understand that the Americans don’t give a damn what anyone else in the world thinks or whether anyone trusts them, which makes them all the more dangerous because peaceful settlement of disputes with them on an equitable basis is next to impossible. They are currently using these methods against Russia, Iran, China, Syria, DPRK, and of course Venezuela.

    All these tactics are, of course, elements of a war of aggression, which is the fundamental war crime, and now a crime at the ICC for which they could, in theory, be prosecuted. Yet, the ICC prosecutor sits at her desk, as his her custom, drinking tea while collecting a large salary and instead of stating that the US and its allies are committing crimes against humanity and war crimes against the Venezuelan people entertains a Canadian request on behalf of the Lima Group to investigate the Venezuelan government for “crimes against humanity.” We have to suppose for not giving all its oil to the Americans.

    On his return to Venezuela on March 4, Guaidò was met at the airport, likely preventing his deserved arrest, by some European ambassadors from Spain, France, and Germany, in particular. The US ambassador was not there.

    In any case that action by the foreign ambassadors was a violation of the Vienna Convention and a hostile act. Article 5 of the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations sets out the permitted normal activities of consuls in a receiving state. But subsection (m) states:

    “(m) performing any other functions entrusted to a consular post by the sending State which are not prohibited by the laws and regulations of the receiving State or to which no objection is taken by the receiving State or which are referred to in the international agreements in force between the sending State and the receiving State.”

    This means that supporting the conspirators in an attempted coup against the receiving state, Venezuela is clearly prohibited and is regarded under customary international law as a hostile act and Venezuela has the right to immediately expel the consular officials involved or the entire consulate. The German ambassador who seemed to be most vocal has now been expelled.

    Part of the hybrid warfare is the use of propaganda of course and an important element of the US propaganda is the resort to a claim that there exists a legal doctrine of “responsibility to protect” in international law. This doctrine does not exist in international law. It is purely an invention of the United States and its allies to justify their wars of aggression and violations of the UN Charter. Since they cannot obtain the support of the Security Council for their wars, because they are in violation of the obligation to keep the peace, and violations of the rights of every nation to its sovereignty and independence, the right not to be attacked in any way by other nations, they invented this phrase to justify the unjustifiable, It is nothing less than a pretext for wars of aggression and people should put it out of their minds as an argument for these wars. It is a bogus doctrine, a doctrine invented by fascists.

    Worse they base the resort to this false doctrine on false facts because the UN Human Rights Council sent a Special Rapporteur to investigate the conditions in Venezuela and the cause of them. The man assigned dutifully went there, investigated and dutifully filed his report which because it did not accord with what they had hoped he would report was suppressed and we only know about it through an interview he gave to the press. Mr. Alfred de Zeyas reported to the UN that it was the illegal economic sanctions imposed by the US, Canada and their other allies that are the principal cause of the hardships being created in Venezuela and that they are illegal and should be ended and that the countries imposing them should be charged for committing crimes against humanity, I could quote him at length but I think the reader deserves to read this interview in full as much as de Zeyas deserves to he heard. We can only hope that the ICC Prosecutor will read his report and act on it. But I won’t hold my breath waiting.

    MORE... New Eastern Outlook
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    You only show up to attack Trump when he is wrong
    DACA S**thole Dreamers - Make America Great Again?

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