Was doing some family ancestry researching and found some personal history, signed under oath before a Magistrate. Had family in America since, at least, the mid-1600s, I was kinda shocked.

Oaths of Allegiance taken in Charles County, state of maryland, March 1778.

I do sware I do not hold myself bound to yield any Allegiance or obedience to the King Of Great Britain his heirs or Successors and that I will be true and faithful to the State of maryland and will to the utmost of my power support maintain and defend the Freedom and independence thereof and the Government as now established against all open enemies and secret and traterous Conspiraces and will use my utmost to disclose and make known to the Governor or some one of the Judges or Justices thereof all Tresasons or Treaterous Consperaces attempts or Combinations against this State or the Government therof which may come to my knowledge. So Help me God.

Anybody else have any family ancestry tricks they'd like to share?