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Thread: Puerto Rico Governor Calls for ‘Elimination’ of Venezuelan Government

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    Puerto Rico Governor Calls for ‘Elimination’ of Venezuelan Government

    Puerto Rico’s governor joined regional voices backing the overthrow of the Venezuelan government Tuesday, following the visit of the fugitive ex-Mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, to the US protectorate.
    Governor Ricardo Rossello called for the “elimination” of President Maduro, who was democratically re-elected in May for a second term with 67.7 percent of the vote in elections qualified as transparent, free, and fair.
    “What should happen is that the dictatorship should be eliminated. We are defining what will happen afterwards, and what steps are to be taken,” stated Rossello in a press conference following the meeting with Ledezma.
    He went on to claim that such “steps” have “already been discussed at many levels” and that they point towards “concrete results.”
    As part of the announcements, Rossello invited Venezuela’s opposition leaders to a summit this October 20 and 21, to be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which will look to establish a ‘Commission for the Reconstruction of Venezuela’, with Puerto Rico acting as “the headquarters” for “logistical support” to a “transition” government in Venezuela.
    “We want to be ready for the day after, so that Venezuela counts on a government and an ordered and adequate transition. So that you know that you have friends across the world, Puerto Rico is going to be this connector for the coordination of all of this help,” Rossello added.
    In front of press, the Governor signed an agreement which includes hypothetical land, maritime, and air supply corridors to Venezuela.

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    in elections qualified as transparent, free, and fair.
    Are we sure Russia did not interfere with their elections?
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    That a$$hole supports Andrew Gillum, but hates Maduro? What if people in the states decided that Puerto Rico shouldn’t elect governors or a legislature and instead go back to when governors were appointed, bet Puerto Rico wouldn’t like that.

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