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Thread: Libertarian Minute video project is requesting your intellectual contributions

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    Libertarian Minute video project is requesting your intellectual contributions

    Please participate in creating educational one minute libertarian videos for general masses, both in the US and internationally.

    Please watch the video below to see our first episode in the making to see what the series is about and its look and feel. If you like the project and decide that you can volunteer with your nuggets of libertarian wisdom for the body segment of the video, simply take your smartphone out, point at yourself, and shoot. More details and examples in the video and below this text.

    The project Libertarian Minute is aimed at the populations in countries of Western Balkans (former Yugoslavia) but is welcoming video contributions in English which will be translated and subtitled, to spice up our productions. Success in attracting and mobilizing English speaking participants will lead to the second American/international sister project.

    Instructions for recording and submitting video contributions for the first production:

    1. Watch the prepared video introduction and closing.

    2. Explain what being a libertarian is through an example of your choosing in a single or combined sentence, just like this one. Or in maximum two combined concise sentences, making sure they could be read/spoken in 8 seconds or less. See examples provided for ideas and format, so that it fits the provided video introduction and closing. Use or modify an existing example if you wish.

    3. Turn on your smartphone camera and video record your 3 8 seconds example. Record in a well lit setting of your choosing with minimal background noise. Make it look natural and spontaneous. Please place your camera horizontally while recording. [ ]

    4. Upload your video to any downloadable media sharing location: YouTube as unlisted, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc., as a contribution to the first Libertarian Minute video. Provide us with the view/download link here or in a private message.

    We will then compile (8-10) submitted examples into an educational video (20 sec. intro, 60 sec. contributed content, 20 sec. closing) with captions and subtitles and distribute it widely across social media platforms.

    We are aiming to produce one Libertarian Minute video per month, each time covering a specific topic or a trending issue from a libertarian perspective. We kindly request your participation through these compact intellectual video contributions and comments for project improvement.

    Proposed Body Examples that you can use or modify, or just make your own:

    - Libertarians live by the principle of non-aggression, according to which no one has the right to initiate force against others and their property.

    - Libertarians understand that private property is essential for a free and prosperous society, but that which is owned by the state is susceptible to neglect, theft, and overexploitation.

    - Being a libertarian means taking full personal responsibility for one's own actions and well being.

    - Libertarians live from their own work by serving other people through voluntary exchange in the marketplace.

    - Libertarians resolve social problems through voluntary cooperation and free association instead of lobbying politicians for mandatory government programs under threat of violence.

    - Libertarians are tolerant of abhorrent lifestyles and behavior of others, never resorting to lobbying the authorities to impose certain lifestyle standards and criminalize undesirable behavior.

    - In all campaigns for social justice and equality through theft by the state, libertarians recognize laziness, envy, and opportunism of those who advocate it.

    - Libertarians believe that caring for the poor is moral only through voluntary generosity, because legalized theft for redistribution is not charity.

    - Libertarians don't feel contempt for economic activities without the involvement of the state, on the contrary, they willingly participate in them.

    - Libertarians understand that entrepreneurs can best serve interests of their customers in a free economy, where they are forced to innovate to improve quality and lower prices to achieve profit.

    - Libertarians have trust in labor market as the most effective protector of workers, because their freedom to choose among jobs forces employers to compete for them with salary, benefits, and overall treatment in the workplace.

    - Libertarians always defend freedom and practice of peaceful approaches to solving problems, no matter how many people choose to democratically vote for government coercion.

    - Libertarians find it absurd to have to ask for permission to create wealth, especially from those who produce nothing.

    Thank you all for your attention. Looking forward to your comments and video contributions.

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    Worthy Project.

    One of my favorites:

    "Let it not be said that we did nothing." - Dr. Ron Paul. "Stand up for what you believe in, even if you are standing alone." - Sophie Magdalena Scholl
    "War is the health of the State." - Randolph Bourne "Freedom is the answer. ... Now, what's the question?" - Ernie Hancock.

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    That is a real masterpiece. There's nothing else out there like it! Period. Adopted from a passage in Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, a Free Market Odyssey, written by my university professor and friend Ken Schoolland. It is a great tool for converting everyday folks into libertarians. Many people told me that this was their awakening. And I am so glad that I had a small part in translating it to languages in countries of former Yugoslavia.

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