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Thread: Rainbow Farm: The domestic siege that time forgot

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    Rainbow Farm: The domestic siege that time forgot

    Rainbow Farm: The domestic siege that time forgot
    In 2001, two men were killed by the FBI at a farm in Michigan. Then, 9/11 happened.

    the five-day standoff at Rainbow Farm was mostly forgotten. The 34-acre campground in rural Michigan had, for several years, proudly and defiantly hosted pro-marijuana festivals. Dead and gone were its owners, Tom Crosslin, 46, and Rolland “Rollie” Rohm, 28, killed by the feds and buried by a national emergency.
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    Post James Beck, Santa Clarita CA - August 31, 2001

    On August 31, 2001 James Beck was burned to death in his home in Santa Calrita Valley, CA. None of the water sprayed from the firetrucks landed on Beck's house. The home was bulldozed flat a couple of days later. The story disappeared on 9/11.

    Links below the Beck story, to the Rainbow Farms standoff.

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