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Thread: Scientists hope to develop ‘world first’ treatment that battles Alzheimer’s

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    Scientists hope to develop ‘world first’ treatment that battles Alzheimer’s

    In research being hailed as a world first, they aim to target toxic particles that trigger the brain disease.

    Their work could lead to tests on new drug treatments by 2020.
    Experts at Cambridge University and from Sweden have identified these particles as the prime cause of Alzheimer’s and worked out a formula for targeting them.
    Until now, drugs have tackled Alzheimer’s symptoms and attempts to discover medicines to prevent or slow it have failed.
    But in findings published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Cambridge researcher Prof Michele Vendruscolo says: “We’ve devised the first strategy to go after the cause.

    “The hope is that new drugs can be developed.”
    A healthy brain has a quality control system that gets rid of any excessive amounts of these proteins.
    In Alzheimer’s, proteins called oligomers which usually help brain cells to function normally “go rogue” by forming clumps that kill healthy nerve cells.

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    Maybe Alzheimer's was developed by the government. It seems they want us clueless and subdued. Do they really want a cure?

    When I was growing up I knew all neighbors within a 3/4 mile area. I delivered both morning and afternoon papers, cut grass, shoveled snow, raked leaves....... There were many old people and they all seemed to function very good. There was a lady that was close to 100 that played piano at the church. Some of these spinsters drove huge 1945 Packard style cars. I guess in 1970 that car would only be 25 years old. Anyway all kinds of old people lived with their mental faculties and functioned without issue.

    Food is the culprit. The people in days of old did not eat processed food. They took real food and cooked it. People back then rarely ate food out of the house. When I was growing up everything was made from scratch. My grandfather had a huge garden and he and my mom would can food, make jellies, pies, if it was served on the table it was made from scratch. Most fruits and vegetables came out of the garden. Seeds were started in a hothouse weeks before the last frost.

    Rarely did you ever see a fat person or an elderly person that could not ambulate themselves.

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