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Thread: Woodward: No Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion Found

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    Woodward: No Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion Found

    Woodward (shown) divulged that interesting piece of information to conservative radio talker Hugh Hewitt.
    The famous reporter told Hewitt he looked for the evidence, and Hewitt asked him about it three time. Woodward answered the same way thrice: He did find evidence of collusion.

    Three Times
    Hewitt’s question was straightforward, giving Woodward plenty of room to imply that Trump colluded with the Russians or even to imply it.
    But that isn’t what happened.
    “Did you, Bob Woodward, hear anything in your research in your interviews that sounded like espionage or collusion?” Hewitt asked.
    Replied Woodward:
    I did not, and of course, I looked for it, looked for it hard. And so you know, there we are. We’re going to see what [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller has, and [Trump’s lawyer John] Dowd may be right. He has something that Dowd and the president don’t know about, a secret witness or somebody who has changed their testimony. As you know, that often happens, and that can break open or turn a case.
    Hewitt asked a second time: “But you’ve seen no collusion?”
    Woodward: “I have not.”
    And, before the interview ended, Hewitt asked a third time. “Very last question, Bob Woodward, I just want to confirm, at the end of two years of writing this book, this intensive effort, you saw no effort, you, personally, had no evidence of collusion or espionage by the president presented to you?”
    “That is correct.”

    More at:
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    Woodward is all about selling a story. He doesn't care how it is hyped so long as it is hyped. Sales baby sales!

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