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Thread: "President Trump's New Pax Americana"

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    "President Trump's New Pax Americana"


    Published on Sep 14, 2018

    Do we have any reason at all to hope for a less militaristic foreign policy under President Trump? Col. Macgregor has seen war up close and he's had enough of the US empire. In his Media & War speech he offers a way out of the neocon militarism that dominates Washington.

    "The Patriarch"

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    The man did not think clearly. It was almost as if he had brain cancer of something.

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    Very eloquently calling out the 47.3 dimensional chess theory?


    Who will Trump continue to surround himself with? (after the needless loss of Sgt. Nells A. Moller, and reference to money flowing the same way)

    Sgt. Nels A. Moller.
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