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Thread: Why Do The Palestinians Get Ripped Off?

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    Why Do The Palestinians Get Ripped Off?

    This week's announcement by the Trump Administration that the PLO office in Washington would be closed as a punishment to the Palestinians is another in a recent series of Washington moves against the Palestinians - while claiming the mantle of "honest broker." Is the US helping facilitate Middle East peace...or something else?

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    People talk about Russia influencing American politics completely ignore the reality that the US government seems bought and sold by the Israeli government. I like that Ron is right on about why Trump cut money. It isn't as if Trump cut funding to Palestine out of a desire to cut government spending. He is still giving billions to Israel, including an increase of the exact amount cut from aid to Palestine, to continue its invasion, occupation, and domination of Palestinian people and lands and to vastly increase it's military police state.

    Trump is a vile warmonger.
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