Google's alleged practice of recording location data about Android device owners even when they believe they have opted out of such tracking, reports The Washington Post, has sparked an investigation in Arizona, where the state's attorney general could potentially levy a hefty fine against the search giant. From the report:

The probe, initiated by Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich and confirmed by a person familiar with his thinking but not authorized to speak on the record, could put pressure on other states and the federal government to follow suit, consumer advocates say -- though Google previously insisted it did not deceive consumers about the way it collects and taps data on their whereabouts. The attorney general signaled his interest in the matter in a public filing [PDF] that indicated the office had retained an outside law firm to assist in an investigation. The document, dated August 21, said the hired lawyers would help probe an unnamed tech company and its "storage of consumer location data, tracking of consumer location, and other consumer tracking through ... smartphone operating systems, even when consumers turn off 'location services' and take other steps to stop such tracking," according to the heavily redacted public notice.
Same as Telemarketing, we say OPT OUT MEANS OPT OUT. Telemarketers say that means "dont call me for one week". No, it doesnt. It means OPT the $#@! OUT. Do NOT share Location Data means DO NOT $#@!ING SHARE LOCATION DATA, PERIOD. Only exception is absolute minimum for specific things to work, such as routing phone calls and 911, but NOT share it with every goddamn advertiser and marketer on the planet.