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Thread: Body as an evidence of murder.

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    Body as an evidence of murder.

    Can a murderer be convicted if all they have is a proof the body has been destroyed by the suspect? Can they use it as a proof?

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    Quote Originally Posted by timosman View Post
    Can a murderer be convicted if all they have is a proof the body has been destroyed by the suspect? Can they use it as a proof?

    Are you planning something?
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    It would certainly be compelling evidence to support a charge of murder, as destroying bodies is not something that people who aren't either murderers are crematoria workers do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post

    Are you planning something?
    Clinton Body Count.

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    Yes. If the fact finder (jury or judge) finds that totality of evidence that is presented leaves no reasonable doubt of the murder and who did it, they can convict.
    So don't do it timosman.
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    "Destroying" a body (Walter White style?) would be pretty compelling evidence of murder, I'd imagine.

    If Tim finally murdered the family in whose attic he's been living, he might be wise to seek legal counsel.

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    If you can't prove it was dead when you found it you are $#@!ed. Always keep your receipts.
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