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Thread: Chequamegon School District uses small, padded room to calm violent or disruptive students

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    Chequamegon School District uses small, padded room to calm violent or disruptive students


    PARK FALLS - Three parents with kids in the Chequamegon School District worry the district's calming room is more of a place of punishment rather than peace and tranquility.

    A few days ago, Debora Ensor learned her son, who has autism, was placed in the district's seven by seven foot calming room several times last year.

    "If I put my kid in the closet, I would have my kids taken away from me and that's exactly what they are doing with my kid,"said Ensor. "He never ever would deserve this."

    The small room, which is about the size of a large closet, is empty expect for red pads from floor to ceiling.

    District Administrator Mark Weddig said the calming room is used for students who might hurt themselves or others.

    "The biggest concern we have is students' safety... we have to do something that is a little extreme, [to keep our students safe.] said Weddig.

    There's no set time limit, only how long it takes for students to calm down.

    "[Trained staff] might have to restrain the student and then the next step would be to get them into the calming room," said Weddig.

    Weddig said parents are always called once a student is placed in the room. However, Ensor said she was never notified.

    Amanda Poler said both of her daughters have been placed in the room. She also had no knowledge of the room until this week.

    "Us parents should have been notified," said Poler. "To me, it's scary. It makes you kind of wonder what the child is thinking, like why they are being put in the room."

    Newswatch12 spoke with a parent who doesn't want to be identified. She did receive a letter and voicemail that her child was placed in the calming room but was not called until after school.

    "Immediately parents are called. Normally they go home with the parents," said Weddig.

    Ensor understands a calming room is needed at schools but she doesn't think the style Chequamegon uses is appropriate.

    "I want a proper room for our kids. I'm not going to stop [addressing this topic.] I'll do what it takes because the [kids] don't deserve this," said Ensor.

    Weddig did admit the calming room door could lock for the past three years but he denied ever locking a student in the room.

    A few days ago the school changed the lock before Newswatch12 arrived to get video of the room.

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    Isolation cell by any other name......

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    Preparatory school.

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    The District Administrator is such a charmer.

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    Just expel the retards.
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