Mike Rowe: Donít Blame the Snowflakes, Blame Yourselves

Florida State University is mandating college students take an anti-stress program. Because those college kids are just so stressed out. You donít even know. Donít try to understand. But if they are so stressed out a mandated anti-stress program would stress them out more, they can opt out of the anti-stress program.

Mike Rowe canít even.

But before you blame safe spaces (see WATCH: Fordham Student Goes Off, Claims MAGA Hat Violates ďSafe SpaceĒ and FLASHBACK: When Reality Crashed Your Safe Space on ďSouth ParkĒ), Rowe wants adults to look in the mirror.

Itís getting weird, guys. I donít know what to say that I havenít already said about the safe space mentality. And the unintended consequences of ignoring sensible priorities that we should be focused on. All I can say at this point is theyíre an easy target.

Whether you call them millennials or snowflakes, we built the safe space. Weíre rolling out the anti-stress programs. Weíre the ones who are indulging talk of trauma for everyday situations. I think weíre the clouds from which the snowflakes fell. And at some point, we have to look at each other and say, ĎWhat have we done here?í Seriously.

Itís a valid point. Adults are the ones who let the young-ins get this way by coddling them. And not saying those three little words a lot of college students need to hear. No, not, ďI love you.Ē

ďCut the $#@!.Ē

Not all Millennials are entitled whiners who demand everything. And by the way, college students now arenít Millennials, theyíre Generation Z, I believe. Donít quote me on that.

Regardless, the entitled whiners are whining with entitlement because they were given opportunities to both whine and be entitled by their parents, their teachers, their youth leaders who never made them earn or struggle to earn. Surprise, now we have a mess on our hands.

Maybe itís time we learn from the mistake, reintroduce a little reality into children and teensí lives, and prepare young people to be adults. Yeah?