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    With a new season upon us and the NFL still burdened with the wretched rubbish of anti-Americanism on its sidelines with no resolution in sight, Americans turned off by the cult of Colin Kaepernick will once again get their football fix by tuning out the pros and turning to the college game.

    Look for NCAA football to experience a ratings boom because the game is not only more entertaining but it has largely been unaffected by the toxin of far-left politics that have infected the NFL. It is important for colleges and the NCAA to protect the brand by respecting the flag, the police, veterans and American tradition and this can only be successful if troublemakers are identified early on and dealt with.

    Look at it like an aggressive treatment for a cancer that can be simply cut out before it kills the patient.

    That’s what appears to have gone down at Kennesaw State University where four of five cheerleaders who protested he anthem in 2017 didn’t make the cut for this year’s squad.

    Via The Washington Times, “Kennesaw State cuts 4 of the 5 cheerleaders who knelt for anthem”:

    Four of the five Georgia cheerleaders who knelt last year during “The Star-Spangled Banner” to protest police brutality didn’t make the squad this year for Kennesaw State University.

    Davante Lewis, a spokesman for the cheerleaders who’ve knelt, tells news outlets that this year’s squad was announced in May on the cheer team’s social media accounts. The school’s paper, The Sentinel , broke the news earlier this week.

    KSU’s athletics department says the number of people who tried out for one of the 52 spots on this year’s squad increased to 95 from 61 last year. Seven of last year’s cheerleaders were cut this year.

    More from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Four of five KSU cheerleaders who knelt during anthem “disappointed” they weren’t picked for this year’s squad”:

    Four of the five Kennesaw State University cheerleaders who knelt at football games last season to protest police brutality will not be on the squad this season, to their disappointment.

    The cheerleader protest caused an uproar at the university. KSU changed its rules after the first protest, keeping all cheerleaders in the tunnel during the anthem.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren boasted in a series of text messages about pressuring KSU’s president into keeping the school’s cheerleaders off the field. Some students protested on campus.

    The University System of Georgia released a report that found KSU administrators didn’t follow its guidance that national-anthem student protests were constitutionally protected free speech and should be allowed unless they cause a disruption. KSU’s president, Sam Olens, announced plans to resign a month after the report.

    KSU officials said the number of people who tried out in May for one of the 52 spots on this year’s squad increased to 95 from the 61 who tried out last year. Seven cheerleaders who were on the squad last year didn’t make this year’s group, they said.

    “While they are disappointed, they’ve accepted it and went on with their academic lives,” Davante Lewis, the spokesman for the cheerleaders, said in a telephone interview Wednesday.

    Don’t be surprised if Al Sharpton decides to pay a visit to Kennesaw State before the homecoming game.

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    These cheer leaders did this to themselves!
    Were any of those cut not dark skinned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schifference View Post
    Were any of those cut not dark skinned?
    Why is that relevant?

    Because 'racism'......

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