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Thread: Rand Paul Endorses Gary Johnson for Senate.

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    True enough, but people that promote obviously fake polling numbers for longshot candidates only do their own favorite candidate a disservice in the long run as people end up being disappointed. I could reason with tweaking a poll so that the numbers come out a handful of pts 2-4% better in your favor to make it look like a real race, but not this horse$#@!.
    Well, I don't consider it a disservice.

    What is needed is more coverage given after the fact that the superior candidate could have been elected if even half of Republicans had balls. Because a voter with balls votes for the right candidate. Period.

    That's why I hate pre-election polling in all forms. Who the hell cares that your vote was part of the majority if it got you a RINO? Yeah, you were on the winning side. And the "winning side" lost, too. Proud of yourself, loser?
    Quote Originally Posted by angelatc View Post
    There's not a liberty lover on the planet who isn't called a liberal by the right, and a con by the left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by euphemia View Post
    Thatís the wrong equation. Liberals voted for Johnson. Heís not a libertarian.
    It's the right equation to show just how hopeless it is, and from what I remember Johnson is more known in the state for massive cuts. New Mexico is basically just Mexico at this point and they aren't going to vote for a Republican or a Libertarian.
    Authoritarianism and neoconservatism cannot be made great again.
    Trump was an enemy of Ron Paul, before he was an enemy of Rand Paul, before he was an enemy of the Freedom Caucus.
    One thing that he has remained consistent in is his hate of liberty and those who promote it.

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    We had this discussion back in 2016. I think I made a very good case why Gary Johnson should never be elected to office again. He is not a libertarian. Any politician can cut spending. Itís a matter of whether they will cut all spending or just the things they donít like. The Mew Mexico budget was not smaller when Johnson left office, and the state is a mess. There was no sustainable change at all.
    "There are two freedoms - the false, where a man is free to do what he likes; the true, where he is free to do what he ought."~~Charles Kingsley

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