The Hegalian Dialectic is most easily described as Problem Reaction Solution.

It merely describes a way of thinking for those with power as Reverse Social Engineering, so you have to start with a Solution and work backwards from there. The real goal when ever the Hegalian Dialectic is applied is to have a resulting solution that causes a benefit. For example, if someone wanted to charge more for their product, cause an artificial shortage of your product. Thus, Solution is people pay more. Working backwards, they have to really want your product, so next look at the reaction. The reaction of Panic Buying could work, and what else could cause that but to cause an Artificial Shortage of your product.

Free Speech, both on Individuals and Journalists is under attack. Think Backwards. The goal is to flat out BAN Free Speech. That is their solution. They want the people so upset about having Free Speech that they clamor to have it banned. Thus, they need to instigate a strong Reaction to Free Speech. That is their current stage. They want people pissed at both the Left and the Right. The only way to do this is to create a Problem with Free Speech by only recognizing REAL Hate Speech. When people see that the only thing being said by either side is Hate Speech, both sides will be so angry they will call for Govt to prohibit Free Speech, meaning that most people are effectively SILENCED, except for a handful of those with License, and guess who will hold those licenses? Yup. MSM like Fox News, NBC, ABC, and on the Internet side, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. They will be the only one whose voices are recognized, and will eventually be granted authority to engage in Censorship of ALL who do not support their views.

Do you think that the Elimination of Free Speech is not the true goal here? Debate.