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Thread: Alex Jones was the horse sent back from custers last stand.

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    Alex Jones was the horse sent back from custers last stand.

    That's why twitter let him talk. to chill everyone. They wanted the world to know they hit him.
    Now I understand Q, as well.
    I mean.. the ironic humor of these new world masters. And I don't mean... ..the losers. Their blade of justice is razor sharp and polished, yet, well used.
    But, no, act of desperation. Annihilation is victory, in the war of truth vs fiction, on the planes of information.
    Because information is the all too real plane where reality gets changed... by definition.
    Big brother is watching you.
    Big brother is listening to you.
    Big brother is silencing you.
    See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.
    Now we see all evil on liveleak or brazzers. We hear all evil in Shania or Hatebreed. And we speak all evil on the internet.
    I am not evil. I am a creator, therefore a creation of a creator. And what I see and hear is not evil. It is a reflection of the world, and my eyes are open to all horrors and sexuality. I wouldn't be there, looking at it, if I didn't enjoy it. I enjoy it because I was created to witness, both with eyes, and with mouth. I am an information translation machine, my third eye is open.
    it is my divine nature to create, as I was created in my creators image, who also was a creator, and I understand now, as a creator.
    Q is the voice of disinformation. The "crazy" whispering pool which beckons the witches and warlocks. They listen..... they listen... horrified of
    master of polarity.
    hearing their fate.
    It turns them.
    Q is a sword
    forged only of a certain type.
    That is why the cult like atmosphere.
    Every 99 misses, Q hits the one that counts, and does so in the bulls eye.
    The loopdy-loop of the Q conspiracy. You blind them with their own bull$#@!.
    They become over optimistic in their thought.
    The enemy overestimates their own strength.
    Because you make them do so.
    That assassin mace.

    The thing these people never understand, is the reason they are losing, is because humanity has done as it wished, and has evolved. It created a language even larger than language, in a couple of short decades. A mind-mass of independent, anonymous thought. Most thought on internet is reliable indicator of actual feeling, regardless of fact. Excluding stromfronters, "as an african-american.." lie shills... and bots, Russian, Israeli, or otherwise. This mind mass influences itself. The internet has changed people, but what is the internet?

    The thing these people never understand is, it's not "the leaders" like Alex Jones, (ha ha), driving this. It is evolution.
    They are unfit to live. Not even a warning anymore. A joke.
    The humor of these people....


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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCount View Post
    Sounds legit.
    I see your xanax kicked in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UWDude View Post
    I see your xanax kicked in.
    Thank God for the modern medicine.

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