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Thread: Rand Paul sticks to principle in the age of Trump

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    Rand Paul sticks to principle in the age of Trump

    Rand Paul sticks to principle in the age of Trump

    by Jack Hunter
    August 07, 2018

    As Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., visits Russia this week to encourage more diplomacy, he does so in the wake of criticism from the Left and Right that he’s “dumped his principles,” proved himself a “hypocrite,” and even a “stooge” for President Trump, citing everything from the senator’s changing positions on the administration’s nominees to his defense of the president’s efforts in Helsinki last month.

    “Once the G.O.P.’s resident iconoclast, the ‘libertarian-ish’ senator and the authoritarian-curious president have become unlikely allies,” Vanity Fair’s Tina Nguyen charged. “We are all used to the Kentucky Republican's defenses of his (allegedly) deeply held principles,” wrote Washington Examiner contributor James Hasson. “According to Rand, his career in the Senate is that of a man who has fought doggedly for civil liberties, reduced spending, and conservative values.” Hasson added, “Except he has not done those things.”

    Where has Hasson been? Does he have cable or Internet? Does he even follow politics?

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    Don't try to tell it to some members of this site.
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    A quote is from the Vanity Fair article...

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