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Thread: He Was Dying. Antibiotics Weren’t Working. Then Doctors Tried forgotten treatment.

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    He Was Dying. Antibiotics Weren’t Working. Then Doctors Tried forgotten treatment.

    Phages are making a comeback. Well worth the full read.

    Steffanie Strathdee hunched over her laptop, fretting. She barely noticed the kittens asleep next to her or the serene Buddha figure across the living room, anchored next to the glass doors that looked toward the gleaming Pacific. Her mind was 20 miles away in the intensive care unit of the University of California-San Diego’s medical center, where her husband, Tom Patterson, lay in a coma.

    Patterson was 68; Strathdee was 49. They had been married 11 years, after meeting in a grant review group convened by the National Institutes of Health. He was a psychologist and she was an infectious-disease epidemiologist; when they fell in love, they also formed a powerhouse research team, studying the effect of the AIDS virus on vulnerable people in Tijuana, Mexico.

    But it was a bacterium, not a virus, that was bedeviling them now. Three months earlier, on the last night of a Thanksgiving vacation in Egypt, Patterson had suddenly fallen ill, so severely that he had to be medevaced to Germany and then to UCSD. There were several things wrong—a gallstone, an abscess in his pancreas—but the core of the problem was an infection with a superbug, a bacterium named Acinetobacter baumannii that was resistant to every antibiotic his medical team tried to treat it with. Patterson had been a burly man, 6-foot-5 and more than 300 pounds, but now he was wasted, his cheekbones jutting through his skin. Intravenous lines snaked into his arms and neck, and tubes to carry away seepage pierced his abdomen. He was delirious and his blood pressure was falling, and the medical staff had sedated him and intubated him to make sure he got the oxygen he needed. He was dying.

    Strathdee’s friends knew she was desperately searching for solutions, and one told her about an acquaintance with an intractable infection who had traveled to Eastern Europe to seek out a century-old cure. Strathdee spent days reading whatever she could find about it, and now she was composing a last-ditch email to the hospital’s head of infectious diseases, the person who would rule on whether they could use it to help her spouse.

    “We are running out of options to save Tom,” she wrote. “What do you think about phage therapy?”

    Strathdee didn’t realize it at the time, but her attempt to save her husband’s life would test the bounds of the American medical system—and throw its limitations into stark relief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phill4paul View Post
    Phages are making a comeback. Well worth the full read.
    Its seems that Randals old proposal to change the FDAs role from proving efficacy to only safety would greatly help this type of treatment get approval.

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    I thought this was going to be talking about fecal transplants which for anyone wondering is FDA approved and done in many hospital in the US. As a communist myself, I am glad that it was my comrades who came up with this discovery and kept it alive while the capitalists were trying to undermine it, the capitalists pursuit of profit would have just hidden this amazing discovery and continued to gouge you all for all your monies.

    I overheard two infectious disease docs talking about it a while back and it seems like they were in favor of it. Its has left side effects, less risk of toxicity, cheaper, faster etc etc.
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