WATCH: Cops Respond to Hostage Situation By Opening Fire, Killing Innocent Hostage

Los Angeles, CA — Los Angeles police released graphic body camera footage this week, showing officers opening fire on a man armed with a knife who’d taken a 49-year-old woman hostage. In the shooting, police killed both the man with the knife, and the innocent hostage.

According to a 911 recording, officers were called to the scene on June 16, after a woman reported that a man had stabbed someone at her location. When officers arrived, they found Guillermo Perez, 32, who had just stabbed his ex-girlfriend with a knife.

When officers confronted Perez, he held a chair as a shield and a large knife. As officers yelled for Perez to drop the knife, he did not comply.

At this point, officers opened fire on Perez with bean bag rounds, according to LAPD chief Michel Moore. However, the chair shielded him from the blasts.

“He moved away from officers and grabbed an innocent bystander who was standing nearby. Perez began to cut the innocent bystander’s throat with a knife. That’s when three officers shot at Perez to stop his actions and prevent him from killing the hostage,” the chief said.

When Perez grabbed the innocent bystander, 49-year-old Elizabeth Tollison, officers unleashed a torrent of gunfire. In total, officers fired 18 rounds, several of which struck Tollison, killing her.

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