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Thread: Comey and McCabe Tried To Destroy FBI Whistleblower

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    Comey and McCabe Tried To Destroy FBI Whistleblower

    These two sound psychotic.

    Yes, Comey and McCabe and even Montoya’s New Haven SAC Patricia Ferrick are all gone now — fired and pushed out of the FBI. And while Montoya remains, his life and career are in tatters, FBI sources said.

    “They $#@!ing ruined this man,” one well-placed D.C. FBI source said. “They tried to suicide him.”

    Montoya would not comment for this story but FBI insiders painted a vicious portrait of how the Iraq War veteran was treated after simply trying to clean up the FBI’s wayward New Haven office.

    It was Comey who personally visited the New Haven office and apologized to the men and women of the FBI for allowing the mismanagement under his predecessor Robert Mueller to get so out of control in the tiny office. Following that cue, where Comey said he would personally ensure turning that field office around, FBI sources said Montoya sent Comey a long letter just before the 2016 presidential election detailing favoritism, nepotism, fraud, illicit behavior, harassment, pay to play, FBI agents instructed to surveil and tail other FBI agents and potential crimes inside the New Haven FBI.

    These are just a sampling of the corruption.

    Comey handed the letter off to McCabe and instructed him to “deal with this trouble maker,” according to FBI sources. And deal with him, he did. Three weeks after Montoya delivered details of FBI corruption to Comey, Comey moved to investigate and possibly even indict Montoya.

    Montoya is now on disability after years of psychological torture. McCabe and Ferrick, emboldened by Comey, painted Montoya as a potential terrorist who was an “insider threat” to the FBI and national security, sources said. He was marginalized, taken off the street. Ostracized until he had a breakdown.

    “What D.C. did to Omar Montoya is a national disgrace,” one FBI insider said. “The goal was to have him eat his gun but no one knew how tough he was. You have to be strong to make it through this kind of gauntlet.”
    Sources said Montoya suffered multiple health issues after this and missed time at work, including a stint where he had to file for disability pay in order to keep up with his family’s bills and obligations because FBI brass didn’t want to pay him any more.

    This is what the FBI does with agents who take on the system. They break good people. Some never come back.

    Montoya’s friends inside the FBI said he has exhausted his life savings fighting the FBI in court. They estimate his legal fees at $300,000 and climbing.

    FBI Director Christopher Wray wanted to settle Montoya’s case, one well-placed FBI source said to “put this behind the FBI and move forward.”

    But Wray has since changed his mind, the source said. This is how loyal FBI agents who want to do the right thing are treated.

    And no one in D.C. headquarters even blinks. In fact, they join in.

    If the FBI does this to its own, just imagine what they are capable of doing to you.
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    Put the rabid beast down! End the FBI!

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