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Thread: How to make communism an easy sell?

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    Cool How to make communism an easy sell?

    Screw up the economy first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timosman View Post
    Screw up the economy first.
    Just the opposite.

    Allow just enough free enterprise and cheap currency credit for the masses to have all the shiny things they need to keep them quiet.

    The Chinese Communists figured this out, while the South American and European Communists still struggle with this basic concept.



    Exercise petty power over their fellow man.

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    Nazism gets rightly condemned at every turn. I am all for calling out evil. But Nazism hasn't been on the rise really anywhere in 70 years.

    Communism doesn't get forcefully denounced. People like Sean Penn, Michael Moore, etc can praise Karl Marx, Venezuela, Castro and have no real repercussions. I believe the lack of denunciation of communism is a big reason communism has resulted in the deaths of multiples more people than Nazism. Communism is socially acceptable throughout the world. A Castro sympathizer won 23 states yet people are still worried about Nazis.

    I will never understand why it is okay to be a Marxist. Just my random thought for the day.
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