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Thread: Do libertarians have Locofocos in their DNA?

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    Do libertarians have Locofocos in their DNA?

    1848 and Its Aftermath
    Liberty Chronicles Podcast – 23 min 18 sec – Jul 31, 2018 – Episode 66 of 66
    1848 changed American politics forever, and early Libertarianism was at the center of it.

    10:08 Anthony Comegna: So, because historians do not care one bit about Libertarianism and its past, Libertarians might well have not existed, at least until the Koch brothers or Ron Paul came along or something. We forget that Locofocoism was ever a thing. We forget that these people were our own direct, ideological ancestors. We forget that they set up the country’s most important third party ever, and we forget that our movement has had moments and whole decades of profound impact on American life long before living memory. Let me bring us back to 1848 for more evidence in my story that most Free Soilers were in fact Locofocos or early Libertarians. Here’s a campaign speech by one of the era’s most astute and beloved observers and statesmen, Whig luminary Daniel Webster. Webster used no uncertain terms. He knew who these Free Soilers were. He knew what they’d been up to for the last decade and how they were connected to the old Equal Rights Party war on Tammany Hall that kicked off this whole factional power struggle in the democracy to begin with.
    "The Patriarch"

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