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Thread: Became a Catholic

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    Became a Catholic

    Been a Christian my entire life, never belonged to any specific denomination. Earlier this year, I started attending a Catholic Church and was baptized and confirmed into the church. I also experienced being a weekday lector during mass a few times. And yes it was my first time ever having been baptized.

    The reason I chose a Catholic Church is because it is one of 2 churches accessible to me.

    One thing I have always agreed with the Catholic Church on even before having joined the Church is the validity of the Apocrypha, also known as the Deuterocanonical books. Infact, I take this concept one step further and accept all of the books the Eastern Orthodox Church accepts.
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    In B4 your derided as a heretic
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    Thumbs up Not a heritic

    Congratulations on joining the largest chain religion. Catholic churches are like McDonald's, you can find them anywhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcgame View Post
    Infact, I take this concept one step further and accept all of the books the Eastern Orthodox Church accepts.
    Are you aware that the Council of Trent anathematizes you for this?

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    Whatever Church community works for you,, They all have error,,the result of men over the years..
    Basic truths are presented along with,,,,stuff.

    I was raised Catholic,, and though I disagree with much,, the Gospel is there.. And Christian Believers are there,,
    as well as a lot of people who are just religious.

    Continue to grow. He teaches us what we need when we need it.. and unlike churches,, His lessons are highly individualized.
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