View Poll Results: Was Andrew Johnson vindicated in 1868 when he finally fired Edwin Stanton?

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  • Swordsmyth/timosman are lousy historians and are often rude...

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  • AF is correct about our "new normalcy"

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  • Number 17 is a very misunderstood president, he needs at least three more new biographies...

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  • Number 17 is something of a bigot. End of story...

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Thread: Are the events in the USA in 1868 important for us all today?

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    Are the events in the USA in 1868 important for us all today?

    Are my critics as wrong as Andrew Johnson's were?????

    Are my TWO worst critics here unable to independently think?


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    I think the odds are 50/50 that VEEP PENCE becomes Number 46 in 2019...

    I think that ole Andy Johnson is now on Mitch McConnell's Alabama mind...

    Matt Collins needs to run for a springboard public office in TENNESSEE...

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