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Thread: FBI To Start Using A 2nd Database For Gun Background Checks

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    FBI To Start Using A 2nd Database For Gun Background Checks

    A major change that aims to keep more weapons out of the wrong hands is in the works for the FBI's gun background check process.
    Examiners will be given access to a large, previously untapped database of more than 400 million records as they determine when gun purchases can go through nationwide.

    The FBI's plans for change are spelled out in reports and meeting minutes from its Criminal Justice Information Services Advisory Policy Board from December 2016 to June 2018. The board has been conducting a pilot program using the N-DEx database and called it "valuable in providing information" before the waiting period ran out. It's not clear when the FBI will begin implementing the new plan, but the process is expected to take anywhere from nine months to two years.

    According to Stephen Morris, N-DEx was created in 2008, long after the original NCIS system, and does contain a lot of information. But, he says, that information is owned by the state and local law enforcement agencies that voluntarily contribute to it. He says the FBI has to be careful to abide by their laws or risk losing the data altogether. What's more, much of the information involves cases that have not been adjudicated so it can only be used for certain purposes as a matter of privacy.

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    If I remember correctly, Rand voted for NICS expansion
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    So basically it is arrest records and not convictions and illegal . Abolish the FBI .

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