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Thread: President Trump Meets With Queen Elizabeth - Windsor Castle July 13

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    Default President Trump Meets With Queen Elizabeth - Windsor Castle July 13

    President Trump, First Lady Melania meets with Queen Elizabeth for the first time at Windsor Castle July 13, 2018 during his visit to United Kingdom
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    Default Trump Range Rover, the new fanboi status symbol?

    The President is lucky to have made it there in a Range Rover. I suppose that all of the Trump fanbois will now want one of the Queens Machines too.

    Of course there will have to be a tariff exemption granted, for the new Trump Range Rover.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCount View Post
    What a rip off. 30,000 quid and you get this?
    Truth is a social construct.

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    Don't care what you think of Trump the protest and blimp is childish.Talk about that being free speech is laughable because if Clinton had won they'd never allow a mocking balloon of Clinton to parade around.It's be 'sexist' or some BS.

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    Even though I don't like the Queen, it is pretty cool that shes been able to meet so many US presidents.
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