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Thread: Trump administration activates new asylum crackdown

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    Thumbs up Trump administration activates new asylum crackdown

    The Trump administration formally activated its new asylum crackdown on Thursday, a move that could make it even more difficult for immigrants seeking U.S. refuge. Thursdayís directive by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, part of the Department of Homeland Security, goes even further than the one Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced last month when he said victims of domestic abuse and gang attacks would no longer qualify for asylum protection.
    Those provisions had drawn thousands of applicants from Central America, including women who had sought safe haven from troubled personal relationships in which they were subjected to repeated physical, emotional and sexual abuse.
    The latest action by USCIS not only asserted that Sessions' decision was "binding" but also provides broad discretion for immigration officers weighing other potentially valid applications. Specifically, it allows officers to consider refugees' illegal entry to the U.S., as a mark against them even for otherwise viable applications.

    "An officer should consider whether the applicant demonstrated ulterior motives for the illegal entry that are inconsistent with a valid asylum claim that the applicant wished to present to U.S. authorities," the new immigration directive states.

    Michael Bars, a USCIS spokesman, said the directive was "part of an effort to protect the integrity of our immigration system and help restore the faithful execution of our laws."
    ďOur laws do not offer protection against instances of violence based on personal, private conflict," Bars said. "But over the years, grounds for qualifying for asylum have greatly expanded far beyond what Congress originally intended. Many petitioners understand this, know how to exploit our system, and are able to enter the U.S., avoid removal, and remain in the country.
    "USCIS is committed to adjudicating all petitions fairly, efficiently, and effectively on a case-by-case basis to determine if they meet all standards required under the law," Bars said.

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    I wonder why they don't just stop with all the free stuff for illegals? Free food, free housing, free medical care...

    Seems to me that would cut immigration by half, at least, like... immediately.
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