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Thread: California gun groups sue over faulty registration system

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    California gun groups sue over faulty registration system

    Gun owners' rights groups sued Wednesday over a California firearms registration system they claim puts law-abiding gun owners at risk of criminal charges. The lawsuit against state Attorney General Xavier Becerra and his Department of Justice alleges that the system for registering so-called bullet-button assault weapons was unavailable for most of the week before the July 1 deadline.
    The bullet buttons allow users to rapidly exchange ammunition magazines on an assault-style weapon by using a small tool or the tip of a bullet.
    Owners who were unable to register by the deadline now potentially face prosecution through no fault of their own, according to the lawsuit filed in Shasta County on behalf of three gun owners by The Calguns Foundation, Second Amendment Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition and Firearms Policy Foundation.

    The suit says gun owners tried repeatedly to register their weapons using different web browsers, hardware and multiple devices but failed because the system repeatedly crashed or timed out before their applications were completed.
    The suit asks a judge to give owners more time to register using a working registration system.

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    Registering is a bad idea.
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    CCW where you have to register is a bad idea too. Constitutional carry is the way to go, no registration, no gov nannies trying to confiscate your guns, invade your home etc, car, or person.

    Pack if you
    DACA S**thole Dreamers - Make America Great Again?

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