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Thread: Gun Owners Required to Lock up Guns Under New Seattle Law

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    Default Gun Owners Required to Lock up Guns Under New Seattle Law

    The Seattle City Council has voted unanimously to pass legislation proposed by Mayor Jenny Durkan to require gun owners to lock up their firearms. The Seattle Times reports starting 180 days after Durkan signs the legislation passed Monday, it will be a civil infraction to store a gun without the firearm being secured in a locked container.

    Also under the legislation, it will be a civil infraction when an owner knows or should know that a minor, "at-risk person" or unauthorized user is likely to access a gun and such a person actually does access the weapon.

    The legislation allows fines up to $500 when a gun isn't locked up, up to $1,000 when a prohibited person accesses a firearm and up to $10,000 when a prohibited person uses the weapon to hurt someone or commit a crime.
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    There are varying degrees of "locked up", even at my house. Break a glass, get a Mosin.
    Yo ass is gettin' dog bit on the way out though...
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    I wonder if I can sue the city for $5,000 if someone damages or steals my property, $100,000 if a home invader injures me while attempting to rob me, or $1,000,000+ if I am killed by a criminal due to being unable to access the tools necessary to defend myself in time. (okay well maybe my family would have to handle that last lawsuit)

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