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Thread: Nun at charity founded by Mother Teresa arrested, accused of trafficking babies

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    Exclamation Nun at charity founded by Mother Teresa arrested, accused of trafficking babies

    A nun and one other employee serving at a Missionaries of Charity center in India founded by Mother Teresa has been arrested and accused of child trafficking.
    Acting on a series of complaints, the Indian Child Welfare Committee (CWC) affirmed that they are in the process of investigating the sale of a newborn baby boy from the Nirmal Hriday (Pure Hearts) home to a couple in Uttar Pradesh for 120,000 rupees – around $1,700. The baby was reported to have been born at the charity on March 19 and sold through the black market to a couple on May 14.
    The nun at the center of the scandal, publicly identified only as Concilia, was detained on July 4 and the following day was placed under judicial custody by the court. Another employee from the center, set up by the late Mother Teresa -- who was canonized as St. Teresa in 2016 -- was also arrested in connection to alleged trafficking cases.

    Police also redeemed 140,000 rupees – just over $2,000 – from the Mother Teresa-founded center located in the eastern Indian city of Ranchi in the state of Jharkhand, and are believed to be broadening their investigation.
    “We have found out that some other babies have also been illegally sold from the center. We have obtained the names of the mothers of these babies and are further investigating,” a police official told the BBC.

    Officials are “investigating to see how the operation was run and how many more children have been given away in the last few years.” Arti Kujar, head of the Jharkhand State Child Protection Society, told Reuters that they suspect the home was charging upwards of $600 for each baby, depending on what the prospective parents could afford to pay.
    “We hear that babies are being sold in other homes as well and are determined to put a stop to it,” Kujur said.

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    Aren't they supposed to find homes for the babies instead of killing them by abortion? Planned Parenthood kills kids and then sells parts, yet the President keeps signing on to funding them.
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    Its illegal to sell babies? Those Indians should start a business in the US. Agencies are getting 30-40k per kid, here in the US, and its totally legal.

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